Like its neighbors, Honduras is experiencing tremendous changes: an expanding tourist economy, a maturing political scene, and the whole globalization thing, including maquilas, free trade agreements.

Honduras La Ceiba

Honduras is a republic in Central America.
Capital: Tegucigalpa
Land Area: 111,891 sq km
Total Area: 112,090 sq km
Population: 8,296,693
Official language: Spanish
Demonym: Honduran
Currency: Lempira
Independence from: Spain
Government: Constitutional Republic
Calling Code: +504
Unpackaged. Unfiltered. Unspoiled. This is the majesty of Honduras. From the breathtaking sunsets in Roatan, to the misty green mountains of Pico Bonito, Honduras is a vibrant wonderland, full of adventure and breathtaking beauty. It is the centerpiece of Central America. And you will be as awed by the splendor of its land as the warmth of its people. Discover all the reasons Honduras is the Central America you know in the country you’ll love. Some of its artists represent its national identity, are not necessarily classics, many of them are contemporary.


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