Paraguay is a country of fascinating contrasts. It’s rustic and sophisticated. It’s extremely poor and obscenely wealthy. It boasts exotic natural reserves and massive man-made dams.

Paraguay Asuncion Palacio De Los Lopez

Paraguay is a landlocked country in central South America
Capital: Asuncion
Land Area: 397,301 sq km
Total Area: 406,750 sq km
Population: 6,800,284 (2013)
Official language: Spanish
Demonym: Paraguayan
Currency: Guarani
Independence from: Spain
Government: Unitary presidential constitutional republic
Calling Code: +595
Paraguay is a small, landlocked country located in the heart of South America, between Brazil, Argentina and Bolivia. This beautiful land has such a wealth in natural, cultural and historical heritage, that it has been constantly admired throughout the world for its beauty. Paraguay owes its diverse culture to the mixture of traditional Spanish culture with the native Guaraní culture (the dominant ethnic group in the area). Tourism in Paraguay gives many options: from its grand views of natural landscapes, its unique and colorful animals and plants, to the cityscapes and night life of its capital city: Asunción. Paraguay has two official languages, since the adoption of the Constitution of 1992:  Spanish and Guaraní.  The latter is the first indigenous language that has achieved the status of official state language in the Americas.


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